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Solstice on Monte Adone

Date: 21/06/2019

via Castellazzo 4, Monzuno

Phone +39 348 5229753

Date of last update: 21/06/2019, 09:31

At the summer solstice, we celebrate this important astronomical moment with a walk of sure charm and beauty! We climb the sandy arenaceous cliffs of Monte Adone, to reach its summit and admire, in ecstasy and in peace, the sunset that plunges, in the distance beyond the valley of the Setta stream, "behind" other mountains and "inside" other valleys. To celebrate optimally, in addition to some readings and theme poetry, a simple and tasty aperitif will be offered (if someone wants to bring something to eat and drink ... they can do it with great pleasure!).

  • Date: 21/06/2019

Meeting: at 6:45 pm at Brento, in the parking of Vecchia Trattoria Monte Adone (via Castellazzo 4, Monzuno - Bologna). Expected end of the hike: 11 pm.