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Smell Festival 2018

A path with 'wide open nostrils' between history, quality and innovation, where smells and fragrances give life to endless narrations

From: 24/05/2018 - To: 27/05/2018

Museo della Musica, Strada Maggiore 34 + altre sedi/other venues - Bologna

Phone +39 3484262301

Date of last update: 27/05/2019, 08:59

Since 2010, Smell Festival promotes the olfactory culture opening a dialog with the artistic and cultural heritage of the city. It offers to a wide public the opportunity to explore the universe of smells and nurture their sensory skills through a rich program of meetings, exhibitions and workshops.

From May 24th to 27th, 2018, Bologna will host the ninth edition of Smell Festival under the careful direction of Francesca Faruolo. The topic that will accompany this new rendezvous is play, from which its title takes its name: “PLAYTIME“. Thus the inspiration for the Smell Festival 2018: “The smell of fresh baked bread and jam combines with the crackly perfume of the clouds when the teacher exclaims: ‘Now children, it’s playtime! Everyone outside to play!’ So everyone tumbles outside in the wink of an eye, searching for that hidden smell, wafting along the wind, seeking essences and perfumes with butterfly nets. In the hour that is playtime, time expands to make room for mixtures, experiments, assemblies and a variety of things that are so different from one another and, at times, touch each other in tune, uncovering unexpected possibilities. During playtime, all knowledge, all consciousness, all ideas come from an impromptu discovery, a fortunate encounter, a blinding spark of sense, in that flow of wondrous, incidental events that is called ‘play’.”

Further information, program, and updates www.smellfestival.it

  • From: 24/05/2018
  • To: 27/05/2018

Unless otherwise specified, entrance to the events is open to the public and free of charge. Any fees for participation at workshops or masterclasses are listed in the program within the description of the events. The weekend events at the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica require a daily entrance ticket of € 5.00 that can be purchased at the Museum on the same day.

Smell Festival