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Smell Festival

Atmospheres are narrated through scents.

From: 23/05/2019 - To: 26/05/2019

Palazzo Isolani, via Santo Stefano 16

Phone + 39 348 4262301

Reference maps: D-5

Date of last update: 27/05/2019, 08:59

Smell Festival, the event dedicated to olfactory culture and the art of perfume is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the theme ‘Atmosphere’.

Experts, philosophers and perfumers will offer their interdisciplinary contributions to deepen the role that smell plays in shaping the emotional qualities of places. Amongst the speakers we have Professor Rossano Schifanella who will demonstrate how the creative use of social media allows for the analysis of spaces and their effect on moods. Maurizio Benzo, the ‘ghostbuster’ of smell, will explain how we can train the sense of smell to hunt down bothersome odours which compromise our health. Slovenian actress Barbara Pia Jenič will discuss the use of olfactory influence in theatre to enhance the narration on stage.

There will also be workshops, masterclasses and paths through artistic fragrances, which will contribute to the sketching out of olfactory maps, tracking the geolocation of emotions.

  • From: 23/05/2019
  • To: 26/05/2019

Follow the directions in the programme.
Entry with day Festival day ticket on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of May.
Information and tickets: www.smellfestival.it

Smell Festival