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Scritture nel tempo

Arena del Sole –2018/2019 season

From: 12/12/2018 - To: 13/12/2018

Via Indipendenza 44, Bologna

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Debussy and Grisey: French music of the 1900s rewrites and revolutionises the concept of time in music 

FontanaMIX ensemble

Two musical offerings by the FontanaMIXensemble and a conference by Prof. Michel Imberty dedicated to the topic of Time in music and, more in particular, in the works of two essential French authors: Claude Debussy and Gérard Grisey.

The execution of their chamber masterpieces (pieces purposely composed by Italian authors in the case of Debussy) interact with texts wrote respectively by writer and essayist Luca Scarlini who, starting from titles found in the First Book of Preludes for piano, will illustrate the revolutionary concept of suspended time in Debussy’s work, and by Icelandic composer Atli Ingolfsson (who collaborated and assisted Grisey himself), who will guide the public through the complex views of the visionary thought of Grisey, who imagined a plural and multiform time.

A conference by Prof. Michael Imberty “Le scritture del tempo” will take place between the two concerts.


  • From: 12/12/2018
  • To: 13/12/2018

Scritture nel tempo