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Per la ragione degli altri

Teatro delle Moline– Stagione 2018/2019

From: 20/12/2018 - To: 21/12/2018

via delle Moline 1/b, Bologna

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Leonardo is two things in one: husband and father. Husband of a multi-million dollar woman and Father of a child who was conceived from a lover. Which is his family, then? To keep his double life, he put aside the dream of writing novels and works as a columnist in the editorial staff of a newspaper in the province.

The wonderful "Italian province", a place where people live with the fear that their private life can travel by word of mouth, that Others can see and that everything can end up on the public square. The Husband-Father keeps the two worlds separate, trying to cover everything with a short blanket.

Faced with the senselessness of a duplicity without solution, he is forced to choose which side to be on, but only after having found an answer to the question that haunts him, which is also the object of his investigation for the newspaper: what is Family? Di Giacomo and Spagnulo rewrite one of the first texts by Pirandello to tell the family today and reflect on the themes of Pirandello's theatre.


rewriting by Michele Di Giacomo and Riccardo Spagnulo
taken from "La ragione degli altri" (The reason of others) by Luigi Pirandello
directed by Michele Di Giacomo
with Giorgia Coco, Michele Di Giacomo, Federica Fabiani

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  • From: 20/12/2018
  • To: 21/12/2018