Welcome is Bologna

On the "Bread Route"

Date: 26/05/2019

piazza Armaciotto de Ramazzotti 8, Monghidoro

Phone +39 348 5229753

Date of last update: 29/05/2019, 11:08

Excursion between Monghidoro and Piamaggio following the traces of ancient craftsmen, millers of the past and those of today, walking between mills, valleys and woods. We will leave from the village of Monghidoro, where the Forno Calzolari will welcome us immediately, to learn about the ancient art of bread-making, the use of ancient grains and traditional products to create bread as it once was.

Supplied with a packed lunch from the Forno, we will leave to reach the Mulino Mazzone, to hear the story of those who still put the gears into action. After the lunch break we will take the road to Piamaggio and we will have the opportunity to visit the Museum of the peasant culture of the Bolognese Apennines. From here, taking the ancient Via Nova path, we will return to Monghidoro.

A simple and suitable route for everyone but full of discoveries and suggestions along the Bread Route, the food that unites generations, peoples and distant cultures.

  • Date: 26/05/2019

Meeting: at 9:30 am at the bar "L'ombelico del mondo" (piazza Armaciotto de Ramazzotti 8, Monghidoro - Bologna). Expected end of the hike: at 5 pm.