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Nel gran teatro della città. Arena del Sole

From: 15/09/2019 - To: 1/12/2019

Via Indipendenza 44, Bologna

Phone +390512910910

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A performance-tour to discover the stories, workings and hidden marvels of Bologna’s “popular” theatre.

1796: “revolution” time in Bologna. General Augereau and consul Napoleon Bonaparte arrive in the city. With their arrival, Bologna changes its face: the Academy of Fine Arts is created as well as the Botanic Garden and, in 1810, the Arena del Sole - a place suitable for daytime shows, as can be read on the façade - is set up where there used to be a nun monastery.

An open-air theatre perfect for summer that became immediately popular with a lively audience. 
A hall with steps as in Greek times, no more box seats - a true “arena” for the city.

Wonder in each room and among stage props, discover the large costume room, climb up to the grid and re-descend to the stage - a small journey into the places and history of the oldest theatre in Bologna that has seen the greatest actors of the Italian theatre from the past two centuries perform on its stage.