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Marconi Radio Days

The Third Communication Paradise

From: 11/04/2019 - To: 14/04/2019

Piazza dei Martiri della Liberazione 6, Sasso Marconi

Phone +39051 843537

Date of last update: 15/04/2019, 09:15

Thirteenth edition of the popular festival that the City of Sasso Marconi dedicates to the inventor of wireless communication Guglielmo Marconi.

Through meetings with great communicators of our time, shows, seminars and exhibitions, the aim is to offer qualified opportunities for reflection on the power of the media, and critical tools to defend themselves against fake-news and instrumental manipulation.

Please consult here the program to find out about the guests, appointments and partners of the 2019 edition.
In Sasso Marconi, Bologna and other municipalities in the metropolitan area.

  • From: 11/04/2019
  • To: 14/04/2019