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Leandro Nerefuh/Libidiunga Cardos: Internal Waves in the Strait of Gibraltar


Date: 3/03/2018

Raum - Via Ca' Selvatica 4/D - Bologna

Phone +39 051 331099

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Saturday 3rd March at 10pm Xing presents at Raum Internal Waves in the Strait of Gibraltar, lecture-performance by Brazilian artist Leandro Nerefuh aka Libidiunga Cardoso, who moves through the ambiguous territory between academic discourse and artistic creation.

In Internal Waves in the Strait of Gibraltar, by way of assembling signs, suggestions, symbols, and strategic geographical locations, Libidiunga Cardoso tells the story of a particular journey across the Strait of Gibraltar, as seen from the shores of the Amazonian coast. Exit of the Mediterranean for a world of oceans, round and vast, made of waters tides conduits magnetism and earth temblors, the Strait of Gibraltar has been a magical gateway across cultures and times. A portal between reality and myth, there we find the ancient pillars of Heracles, the Gate of the West (Bab Al Maghrib), or The Passage (Al-Zuqaq), a denomination that will later be echoed in the horrors of the transatlantic Middle Passage.

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  • Date: 3/03/2018