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Il Bramito del Cervo

Date: 15/09/2018

Museo del Bosco del Poranceto - Camugnano (Bo)

Phone +393334786211

Date of last update: 23/08/2018, 13:21

Evening dedicated to the deer: presentation with slides, which will be followed by the nocturnal excursion to the Poranceto, to listen to the roaring, song of love of the deer.

Meeting at 6:00pm at the Bosco del Poranceto Museum. Expected finish time: about 11:00pm.

Difficulty: ET - Length: 2 Km - Difference in height: 100 m - Effective path: 1 hour

Information and reservations required: Elisa +393334786211 - escursionismo@coopmadreselva.it

Al the end of the escursion, possibility to have a dinner at the "Porancè" Foresteria, for information and reservations: +393355344413.

  • Date: 15/09/2018

Meeting at 6:00pm.
Expected finish time: about 11:00pm