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Guinness World Record Sandwich

Come see the longest Prosciutto di San Daniele sandwich in the world

Date: 14/09/2019

Via Paolo Canali, 8

Date of last update: 16/09/2019, 09:02

Come see the world's longest Prosciutto di San Daniele sandwich!

Here at FICO we'll try to break the record for the world's longest sandwich.


10am: rolling out the dough and moving it into the oven. Curated by Il Forno di calzolari

5pm: slicing and stuffing the dough. Curated by Consorzio San Daniele

5:30pm: tasting of the world's longest prosciutto di San Daniele sandwich

Thanks to Zanolli company for the oven supply

  • Date: 14/09/2019