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Granma. Metales de Cuba

Arena del Sole –2018/2019 season

From: 10/04/2019 - To: 11/04/2019

Via Indipendenza 44, Bologna

Phone +390512910910

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a project by Rimini Protokoll 
directed by Stefan Kaegi

Cuba, sixty years after the revolution: Daniele, thirty-six years old, is a mathematician and filmmaker. His grandfather, Fastino Pérez, was one of Fidel Castro's most loyal companions and in 1965 he dealt with the organization of the ship "Nonna" (Grandma) that transported revolutionaries from Mexico to Cuba.

After the victory, Pérez becomes the first "Minister for Property Recovery", and begins the action of expropriation of assets to the elite. What is the value of all this today?

On stage, along with Daniele, is the twenty-four-year-old computer programmer Christiàn, who traces the story of his grandfather, a war pilot in Angola during the civil war.
Then there is also Milagros, the history student who asks herself about the contradictions that the revolution has brought in itself.

The stories of the families of some young Cuban youngsters, interspersed with capital questions concerning the contemporary socio-political scene, are described from the point of view of a rapidly evolving country, whose history is yet to be written.

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  • From: 10/04/2019
  • To: 11/04/2019