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Gran Premio ANACT e PALIO delle Felsinarie

Final Gran Prix ANACT, the best of Italian horse-breeding and "PALIO DELLE FELSINARIE" between the Districts and the Municipalities of the Metropolitan City

Date: 27/10/2019

Via dell'Arcoveggio, 37, 40129 Bologna

Phone +390513540311

Fax +390513540330

Reference maps: L-10

Date of last update: 28/10/2019, 10:28

From 10 am, the Hippodrome opens the gates for a big party!

Shows for everyone, on the track and on the track! Event Start 10.00 am - Start of horse racing at 1.00 pm

Local food and wine excellence, Tastings, Street Food, Stands, Street Markets

A foal to pet, with his mom.

Historical Parades, Cheerleaders, "Kids in the saddle", Pony Games, Kid Area

Book presentations

HippoTram for a ride in the Stables ...

Twelve exceptional races, many events, entertainment and surprises for a whole day with horses!

As part of the International Festival of History 2019 promoted by the University of Bologna.

The event is dedicated to fundraising of di Monuments Care di Succede solo a Bologna APS.

  • Date: 27/10/2019

From 10am to 6.30pm
Start event 10am - start race 1pm

OPEN DAY: free entry for everybody

Gran Premio ANACT e PALIO delle Felsinarie