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Gothic Line's finds and rural culture's tools

on exhibition from 18th November in Riola, municipality of Vergato

From: 18/11/2017 - To: 2/04/2018

ex scuole “Giuseppe Bontà”, via Ponte, 7/m – Ponte (frazione di Riola, comune di Vergato)

Phone +39 3401841931

Date of last update: 11/07/2018, 12:43

Curated by Silvano Monti and realised in partnership with ANA Alpini of Vergato, the exhibition is divided in two different sections.
First sectionGothic Line: Second World War's finds exhibited have been mainly recovered in digs in the area of Unione Comuni Appennino bolognese and they belong to Giovanni Palmieri's collection, curator of the section. It's also possible to see some finds of German and American Armies, recovered on the Gothic Line's battlefield: equipment material, documents, newspapers of the period and maps, decorations, books, pictures and so on.
Second section Rural culture: everyday life's objects regarding home and work are exhibited by reconstruction of the settings; the kitchen, the bedroom, the cobbler, the carpenter, the grocer. You will see little and big tools, for instance “biroccio”, a sort of cart carved with decorations and low reliefs sculpted in wood; or a straight razor used by the barber in the old days. The exhibit aims for enhancement of these objects, not only for their specific functionality but also for their artistic and cultural features

  • From: 18/11/2017
  • To: 2/04/2018