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Giorgio Comaschi Show

Date: 2/02/2019

Teatro Don Enrico Testoni - Via Ranuzzi 2, Porretta Terme

Phone +39 3288289930

Date of last update: 04/02/2019, 15:05

Appointment Saturday 2nd February with Giorgio Comaschi, who brings his new show "COM" to the Testoni Theatre in Porretta Terme.

Comaschi launches his theatre-song, bringing on stage 18 songs written by him with the music and arrangements by Giuliano Paco Ciabatta, in a show in which the actor and journalist from Bologna presents himself as a singer for the first time. These are ironic pieces, some are comic and others more reflective letting the flavours and atmospheres of Bologna emerge. In this work, Comaschi summarises his past experiences and acquaintances with great artists like Jannacci, Conte, Dalla and Guccini. It is a musical show interspersed with theatrical, comedy and surreal moments. The event is organised by the S. M. Maddalena association in collaboration with the Municipality of Alto Reno Terme.