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Gianni Sevini - COSMO POLIS 2

From: 17/11/2018 - To: 30/12/2018

Ca' La Ghironda, Via Leonardo da Vinci, 19 - Ponte Ronca di Zola Predosa, BO

Phone +39051757419

Fax +390516160448

Date of last update: 19/12/2018, 09:16

The artist renews our vision of the universe and the original investigation into the firmament's well-balanced structure through the spectacularisation of images and intensity of signs. A new event characterised by the careful eye of someone whose art expresses technical and chromatic concepts that narrate a reality at the boundaries of dream and science.

Gianni Sevini is the pilot of our spaceship headed towards the unknown, at the limit of the known universe and beyond. His majestic canvases that showcase the colours and names on silent unspoilt areas near and far charm us once again. Unknown places where life has its origins, from where all of us originate, unaware and solitary as we set off on our short worldly journey confused between Spirit and Matter. A concept of “Beauty” that is well-known to the artist but which, to us, is dispersed among the superfluous hardships of a banal and evanescent everyday life.

  • From: 17/11/2018
  • To: 30/12/2018

Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 12pm / 3pm - 6pm