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Fashion show & exhibition "Fili e filati"

Inaugural fashion show and exhibition

From: 7/04/2018 - To: 21/04/2018

Villa Smeraldi, Via Sammarina, 35 (angolo via Canali e Crociali) - 40010 S. Marino di Bentivoglio (BO)

Phone +39 0514393211

Date of last update: 12/07/2018, 09:38

On April 7th fashion show "Interwoven our colors", organized by AIFO and the Reno-Galliera Union, is the opening event of the "Fili e Filati" exhibition . The clothes are made by a Senegalese tailor while the migrant boys and girls will be paraded by some local social cooperatives. Afterwards there will be an aperitif with multi-ethnic buffet at the expense of Altre Terre. In addition there will also be the opportunity to purchase the products of the associations of tailors and creative weaving workshops for children and young people will be available.

The exhibition "Fili e Filati" (at Villa Smeraldi from 9 to 21 April excluding Saturdays) is a colorful journey around the world to discover the characteristic fabrics of different cultures. From the Kimono to the Poncho, there will be insights on the typical clothes, their history, the methods of realization and the meanings they have for the culture they belong to. Possibility to make free guided tours by booking on +39 051 4393211.

Further information and updates www.museociviltacontadina.bo.it/

  • From: 7/04/2018
  • To: 21/04/2018

Saturday, April 7:
h. 4.30pm market and workshops for children
h. 5.30pm opening of the show
followed by an aperitif with a multi-ethnic buffet

From 9 to 21 April:
Exhibition open Mon-Fri 9am-12.30am, Sun 3pm-7pm, Closed on Saturday

Free entry both for the fashion show, and for the exhibition.