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Evening Walk in the Wood

Date: 8/09/2018

Castello di Monteveglio, via dell’Abbazia 28 - Valsamoggia

Phone +393358458627

Date of last update: 23/08/2018, 12:46

Suggestive evening walk along the paths and in the woods of the Monteveglio Park. In silence and in the dark we will listen to the sounds of nature trying to find out who creates them and why..

Meeting at the Castle of Monteveglio, Via san Rocco, at 8:30pm.
Expected finish time at about 11:00pm.

It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes, torch and a small bottle of water.

Reservations required by the previous evening. Telephone: 3358458627 Matteo Benevelli

  • Date: 8/09/2018

Cost: € 5
Free for children under 6 years old. Minimum 10 participants.

info and registration on the website www.enteparchi.bo.it