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Discovering the architectural and artistic wonders of Bentivoglio

A series of guided tour proposals by Prospectiva Bologna

From: 29/09/2019 - To: 8/12/2019

Via Marconi 5 - Bentivoglio

Date of last update: 16/12/2019, 17:03

Bentivoglio is a small village that fascinates the visitor, capable of giving some unique "pearls" in the artistic landscape of the plain north of Bologna.

A fifteenth-century castle that belonged to the lordship of the Bentivoglio, an ancient and imposing mill witnessing the various milling techniques that followed in the course of the centuries, a splendid palace which is the result of the best expression of the Liberty of Bologna and finally one of the most important rural tradition museums in Italy; all laid along the banks of that Navile canal that marked the history of the trade of Bologna and Northern Italy, the famous "Silk Road".

  • From: 29/09/2019
  • To: 8/12/2019

September 29, 3.00 pm: Molino and Palazzo Rosso
October 5, 10.00 am: Castello and Palazzo Rosso
November 24, 10.00 am: Castello, Molino and Palazzo Rosso
December 8, 10.00 am: Molino and Palazzo Rosso