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Colors and scents of the seasons in Piazza Aldrovandi

From: 8/10/2017 - To: 21/01/2018

Piazza Aldrovandi

Date of last update: 21/06/2018, 11:46

Colours and scents of the seasons in Piazza Aldrovandi helps you discover and recognize the passing months and seasons, it’s where you’ll find the aromas and colours of the garden and even take home a taste of them for yourself and family.

Every Sunday from October 8 to January 21 from 8:30am to 1:30pm, this new event will animate the newly remodelled Piazza Aldrovandi that’s been set aside for foot traffic. Thirteen producers bring a part of the Bolognese country to the city, with special attention to flowers and their derivatives.

Each appointment combines nature and culture: a new guest will appear each Sunday, sometimes bringing poetry, sometimes teachings about herbs or gardening. The month by month calendar is here. Come and discover the new face of Piazza Aldrovandi!

Program of upcoming events

Sunday, October 8
Petronian Poetry by Alessandro Frascaroli
Music by Stefania Giordano and Rita Ruvoli with diatonic organ

Sunday, October 15
Gli amici delle Orchidee (Friends of the Orchids)
Gualtiero Sarti by Aerado villa Mazzacurati

Sunday October 22
Profumeria Botanica (Botanic Perfumes)
Flowers and fruits for thriving in Autumn
Opificio Olfattiva

Sunday October 29
The virtues of medicinal plants and flowers
Catia Paolini, Herbalist