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Certosa of Bologna. When: 27th October - 1st December

From: 31/10/2019 - To: 1/12/2019

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Date of last update: 05/12/2019, 16:52

The events mainly take place at the Certosa Cemetery, thanks to the collaboration with various cultural, religious and associative organisations of the city. Walks, guided tours, meetings, musical and theatre events that will enliven the city cemetery and more.

A special focus is dedicated to Arrigo Armieri (Bologna, 1931), one of the sculptors, who most strongly marked the appearance of the Monumental Cemetery in recent decades with the creation of memorials of significant value in terms of expressive quality and material sensibility.

Furthermore, also this year, the historical-artistic Info Point of the Certosa will have a special opening, thanks to the commitment of the volunteers of the Amici della Certosa Association as well as the museum staff. Until Sunday 10th November the space will be accessible to the public every day at the following times: 9.00 am - 12.00 am and 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm.

Find out here the complete programme (in Italian)

  • From: 31/10/2019
  • To: 1/12/2019

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