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Carnival of San Pietro in Casale

From: 24/02/2019 - To: 3/03/2019

Centro storico San Pietro in Casale

Date of last update: 06/03/2019, 14:44

Two appointments for the historical event of the Carnival in San Pietro in Casale, established as early as 1871 and promoted by the Cranvel ed San Pir in Casel organisation, made of 11 associations parading along the main street of the town for 2 consecutive Sundays (in case of bad weather the event will be postponed to the 10th or 17th March) with carnival floats, music and the traditional "gettito", the throw of soft and inflatable toys.

The highlight of the event is the evening of the second Sunday, when the locals gather in the main square for the reading of the "testament" by King Sandròn Spaviròn, the traditional mask of the carnival of San Pietro in Casale: a satirical reinterpretation of facts and people that have marked the life of the town in the year that has just passed.


  • From: 24/02/2019
  • To: 3/03/2019