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Border line

Teatro delle Moline– Stagione 2018/2019

From: 6/12/2018 - To: 7/12/2018

via delle Moline 1/b, Bologna

Phone +390512910910

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Italy, near future. A reinforced concrete wall has been built along the coast of the Italian Peninsula. No one can get into the Country and no one can get out. Actually, nobody can even access the sea. Three “fake seas” have been created inland but no official reason was ever provided.

People accepted the new condition and life went on. A couple, Alpha Male and Woman, live at the mercy of nothing - the only way to live in a place limited by an impassable boundary. Until the arrival of a stranger seems to bring everything into question, jeopardizing security and certainties.

Border Line aims at putting the spotlight on the phenomenon of migration, observing it in a disenchanted way and exalting the spreading aspect of the many human xenophobiae. Grotesque characters face each other in the absurd context of a society that has the obtuse and spasmodic defence of vacuity as a parameter.


written and directed by Rosario Mastrota
with Antonio Tintis, Giuliana Vigogna and Matilde Vigna
casting Fabrizio Pizzuto, Donatella Codonesu and Andrea Cappadona
set design Mariachiara Arciero
logistics Ettore Nasa
lights, video and sound Giacomo Cursi
produced by Compagnia Ragli and KIT Italia

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  • From: 6/12/2018
  • To: 7/12/2018