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Arena del Sole –2018/2019 season

From: 21/05/2019 - To: 22/05/2019

Via Indipendenza 44, Bologna

Phone +390512910910

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Date of last update: 07/12/2018, 09:18

Concept and choreography Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero
in collaboration with 7 contemporary dancers and 3 professional boxers
dramaturgy Dirk Verstockt Siamese Cie

It is in the explosive tension existing between dance and boxing that the theatrical and choreographic imagination of Augustijnen & Torres Guerrero reveals itself. Directing 7 contemporary dancers and 3 professional boxers, the duo recreates live the alchemic synergy between dance and boxing. A composer/musician, a set designer and a video-maker help them to create the sound, visual and tactile background structure.
(B) exploits the endless opportunities of these languages, by comparing them, distorting them or just letting them interact up to transgression. (B) is a research on hybrid, on crossbred, on blending and on funky eclecticism. (B) is a powerful praise to boxing, dance and life: choreography and scenes embody the endless and restless fight for surviving and finding a meaning to this life.

  • From: 21/05/2019
  • To: 22/05/2019