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Attorno al Museo

From: 27/06/2019 - To: 10/08/2019

Parco della Zucca (antistante al Museo per la Memoria di Ustica) - via di Saliceto 3/22

Reference maps: L-10

Date of last update: 12/08/2019, 10:23

The theme of artistic reflection on the tragedy that took place 39 years ago runs through this entire festival, which is organised by the Association of Relatives of Victims of the Ustica massacre.

Starting with the “suggestions” of the Ustica Memorial Museum (Museo per la Memoria di Ustica) and the permanent installation by Christian Boltanski, “Attorno al Museo” (“Around the Museum”) is staging original projects that weave together the various languages of art, created especially by artists renowned throughout Italy and engaging the very young, too.

There will be seven events, delving into various areas with a blend of traditional performance and art installations, contemporary music, innovation theatre and poetry, able to reach out to the young generations in particular.

  • From: 27/06/2019
  • To: 10/08/2019

Guided visit to the museum: 8pm
Show: 9:30pm

Museum entry: free
Guided tour: € 4.00
Show entry: open donation