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Arbor Days 2019 - Loiano

From: 20/11/2019 - To: 2/12/2019


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"When is the best time to plant a tree?"
"Twenty years ago"
"When is the next best moment?"

On the occasion of the Arbor Day - which occurs November 21st - the Municipality of Loiano proposes a program of initiatives, with the involvement of the many active subjects on environmental issues, to focus attention on the importance of trees for the life of the 'man.

The Arbor Day was born in the United States in 1872, the same year that the first natural park in the world was established, that of Yellowstone. Arrived in Italy at the end of the nineteenth century, it is still celebrated and - in the light of the great environmental concerns that affect the lives of all of us - today tends to take on ever more significant meanings. The essence of the festival, however, has not changed over time, because the symbolic gesture that sums up the meaning is, then like today, the planting of trees, involving schools and the whole community.

  • From: 20/11/2019
  • To: 2/12/2019

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Arbor Days 2019 - Loiano