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An evening at the Orti

Date: 29/09/2019

Scaccomatto agli Orti - Via della Braina 7

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An evening dedicated to local wines in the wonderful location of the Scaccomacco restaurant. Perfect for both wine lovers and enthusiasts.

The Hosts of Associazione AMO will guide you on a journey including wines from all over Italy to discover the territory’s true values. Wines will be paired off with culinary delights made by the chefs at AMO. A seminar by Gabriele Valentini curated by ONAV (Sommelier Associazione) will take place at 6.30 pm.


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  • Date: 29/09/2019

Admission: fee €18, including 4 wine and 2 food tastings. Seminar/tasting session conducted by Gabriele Valentini. €35.00, booking required.