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Date: 6/06/2018

Consorzi dei Canali di Reno e Savena - via della Grada 12 - Bologna

Phone +39 3420167397

Date of last update: 25/05/2018, 13:07

An exciting walk with a surprise dinner to discover the "City of Water".
Bologna is criss-crossed by canals that contain countless mysteries. We will take you on an exceptional journey to discover them: a four-step itinerary, during which you will meet unusual characters that will tell stories, curiosities and traditions of the Reno Canal.
At the end of the walk, an unusual and evocative atmosphere between porticos and canals will be the background of a special open air dinner, in accordance with Bologna food tradition.
A blue detail in your dress code is recommended.

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  • Date: 6/06/2018