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A walk through the Middle Ages

From: 4/05/2019 - To: 5/05/2019

Crevalcore , Via Argini nord , 3277 Castello dei Ronchi

Phone +39 3460955395

Date of last update: 06/05/2019, 09:29

History will come to life on 4 and 5 May 2019 at Villa Ronchi in Crevalcore (BO). Craftsmen and merchants, soldiers and commoners will breathe life back into the Medieval period between 1380 and 1410.

You will be able to watch scenes of everyday life at the large encampment, and skilled craftsmen will demonstrate and show the techniques of this bygone age in the historic market. Opportunities to learn about weapons and handicrafts will be interspersed with theatrical and musical entertainment.

This stroll back through time to the Middle Ages is a huge fair, an unmissable event that will help you understand this massive, important part of Italian history.

  • From: 4/05/2019
  • To: 5/05/2019

Saturday 04 from 10pm to 12pm
Sunday 05 from 10am to 7 pm