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Monte Venere

Monte Venere, 40036 Monzuno (BO)

Date of last update: 11/07/2018, 16:21

From Mount Venere (965 metres above sea level), when the weather is good, the view stretches from the Dalmatian coast across the Alps all the way to Mont Blanc.

Local tradition says that atop this mountain, the ancient Romans built a temple dedicated to their most beautiful goddess. To date, evidence of any temple of this sort has never been found but no extensive research has been done either.

There is though, a small Oratorio (chapel) dating from the early twentieth century, destroyed during the second world war, then rebuilt and renovated.

Several small villages that have origins in the Etruscan period can be found along the road that connects with Pian di Monte Venere di Balestra. This remarkable fact became clear at the finding of an Etruscan votive bronze statuette at "Le Croci".