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Parco del Paleotto

Via del Paleotto - 40141 Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 15/06/2018, 11:17

The Park extends on the link side of the valley of Savena river and stretches on the riverbank for a short distance   The Park was named after the Bolognese dynasty of  Paleotti who managed the lands along the hills up to the church of Jola for a long time. The river Savena has had great influence on  the economy of the area for ages.  A very old mill, now disappeared,  was used in the processing of the produce of the rich soil of this valley for a long time up to the last world war. In 1973  the area, with its 21 hectares of land,  passed to the property of the Municipality, but it keeps the signs of the past. Routes passing through old estates separating large meadows and arable lands, mostly covered by fruit trees and maples (originally used as support for grapevines). Some natural wood grow only along the river Savena and on the steepest slopes. A variety of different vegetation types  introduced by man, grow besides native brushes and trees

Text taken from the website of Salaborsa library

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