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Museo realtà virtuale - La Macchina del Tempo 2018

Via Zamboni, 7 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 0087519

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Date of last update: 02/03/2020, 16:43

The Time Machine on display in the Virtual Reality Museum in Via Zamboni enables visitors to enjoy the thrilling experience of “physically” entering historic scenarios which have been carefully reconstructed in 3D thanks to VR viewers.

The project at the heart of the Time Machine is the reconstruction of “Medieval Bologna” in the 13th century, followed by others such as the tomb of Tutankhamen and Roman Bologna. The distinctive characteristic of such an experience is its emotional impact: the Time Machine “plays with the sense of the fantastic” by walking along streets and alleys, flying freely among the many Medieval towers and listening to the dialogues between characters. 

From Monday to Friday 10am-7pm; Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10am-8pm

La Macchina del Tempo 2018