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Museo realtà virtuale - La Macchina del Tempo 2018

Via Zamboni, 7 Bologna (BO)

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La Macchina Del Tempo – located at the VR Museum, Via Zamboni 7 – allows to take a first-person tour and to “physically” enter historical scenarios meticolously reconstructed with 3D technology. This is possible thanks to special VR headsets. 

The core experience of La Macchina del Tempo: “The Medieval Bologna”, set in XIII-century is a combination of 2 factors in a never-before-seen-in-Italy solution: on one hand, the scale of the project (covering about 2 square km of Bologna's medieval city center, with more than 1500 buildings and 88 towers at their original location, 130 characters and thousands of street items), and on the other the historical accuracy and reliability with long and accurate historical, architectural and toponymic research, with an extreme attention to the sources available (with the contribution of art researchers and historians), in order to reproduce the look of the city during the Middle Ages as faithfully as possible, to bring its enchantment back to life.

The Time Machine is a virtual reality application and the result of a constant technological upgrade, using VR headsets and motion controllers, a trend-setting technology that shifted the standard just like the transition from handprint to computers.

The trump card is the fulfilling emotional involvement, The Time Machine stimulates a certain “sense of wonderment” walking down the streets, the alleys, flying above the many Manhattan-like towers, listening to characters speaking the local bolognese dialect.

In order to overcome the initial hesitation about the “cold impact” of technology, visitors are aided by our trained staff members, who make sure that “time travelers” are comfortable and satisfied. After all, human involvement – with a friendly and reassuring approach - is the key to a fulfilling experience for the visitor, who will spread the word with friends  in return.

The second project: “The Canal”, a reconstruction of Canale di Reno (set within the XVIII century), preserves the aforementioned combination of historical reliability and daily-life details  and allows to observe the Ancient Port, very busy at the time, Industrial Factories, with a highly-detailed spinning house in motion thanks to the hydraulic force of the Canal and Sailing Ships which can be maneuvered by the user. 

From Monday to Friday 10am-7pm; Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10am-8pm

Openings and closings on holidays 2019-2020

December 24th 10am-2:30pm
January 1st, 2020 3pm-7pm

La Macchina del Tempo 2018