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The archaeological site of the Roman town of Claterna

Via Emilia, 48284 Ozzano Dell'Emilia (BO)

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The town of Ozzano is home to one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the whole of Emilia-Romagna. The remains of the Roman town of Claterna have been uncovered on either side of the ancient Via Emilia, in the area delimited by the village of Maggio (3 km from Ozzano) and the Quaderna river.

Claterna was founded in the first half of the 2nd century BCE and grew to dimensions comparable with those of Bononia (Bologna) and Forum Cornelii (Imola). It disappeared, for reasons which remain a mystery, some time in the 6th century CE. Since 1891, a number of archaeological campaigns have brought to light some extremely interesting remains of the town, including roads, houses, sewers, inscriptions, everyday utensils and jewellery. The excavations of recent decades have systematically unearthed the town and are providing many valuable clues to the history of this eastern part of Bologna province.

Especially interesting are the remains of a domus from the imperial period, with mosaic and opus signinum pavements decorated with elegant geometric designs or vegetal motifs. Excavations have also unearthed the junction between Via Emilia and the town's cardo maximus or main street, as well as the foundations of a workshop which was active in the later centuries of the town's existence.

Museo della Città romana di Claterna

This small museum contains artefacts unearthed in excavations from the late 19th century through to the 1960s. The museum is divided into two circular itineraries, which provide an overview of the Roman town and its rediscovery before examining the urban fabric of the town and the characteristics of its main buildings, private and public. The results of ongoing archaeological research are also on display.

By car  - from Bologna: SS 9 (Via Emilia) in the direction Imola to Ozzano dell'Emilia

By bus - the bus from the bus station in Bologna:

     * Line 90 - Bologna-P.za Cavour-S.Camillo/Ozzano
     * Line 94 - Bazzano-Bologna (da Via Marconi)- Castel San Pietro T.
     * Line 101 - Bologna-Imola

By train - From the Central Station of Bologna:

     * Line Bologna-Ancona stop Castel S.Pietro, take the bus 94-101 direction Ozzano dell'Emilia.

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