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Archaeological excavations in Salaborsa

Piazza Nettuno, 3 - 40124 Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 03/09/2018, 16:32

The city plan of Felsina (this is the original name of Bologna) was designed by the Romans between the 2nd and the 3rd century BC, when they founded Bononia. It had a late republican style. The streets formed right angles so that the scheme could have been easily reproduced in case of enlargement of the city.

The squared city plan was divided by two main streets that now are called via Rizzoli and Via Ugo Bassi (from west to east), and via Galliera and via Val d’Aposa (from north to south).

Thanks to excavations, it has been found that the forum of the city was in via Ugo Bassi and the prefecture was in Piazza Nettuno.

The first settlements in the city are to be dated back to the 9th and 8th centuries.

The excavations of the 90’s have uncovered ruins of ancient buildings, three wells and a sewage system.

by bus: lines and timetables on the website www.tper.it

by car: located in restricted traffic zone ZTL. Ring road exits n. 11/11bis-12 direction city center.

The excavations are open on Monday from 3pm to 6,30pm; from Tuesday to Saturday: 10am - 1,30pm and 3pm - 6,30pm. Closing days: Mondays morning and holidays. Details (in Italian)

From 30 July to 15 August 2018 Salaborsa will be closed for restoration works. More info and updates

Biblioteca Salaborsa organizes guided tours to the excavations, according to a monthly calendar (info +39 051 2194426) - Read more (in Italian)