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Pieve di San Pietro di Roffeno

Antica Pieve, Cereglio, 40030 - Vergato (BO)

Date of last update: 09/01/2018, 15:30

The Saint Peter Church in Pieve di Roffeno (Cereglio, Vergato) is one of the few in the area to still keep clear Roman influences from the time of its construction (12th century). From a religious standpoint, it is one of the most ancient and famous in the diocese of Bologna. It has an interesting structure, with its aps built in opus quadratum by Tuscan comacine masters.

The inner font is considered the church’s masterpiece. Built in the 7th century in Lombard style, it most certainly belonged to the pre-existing church (before 1155). The sandstone basin is decorated by a crown of dolphins holding each other’s tail, an obvious metaphor.

The chiseled stone font is also masterfully and beautifully executed; fascinating paintings of particular beauty appear on the plastered wall, and the Madonna of Loreto’s effigy decorates the central nave.

Photo credits: Luciano Marchi