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Zena Castle

Via Zena 18, 40065 - Pianoro (BO)

Date of last update: 13/07/2018, 16:44

The “Zena Castle” is located at the foot of the Monte delle Formiche. It was born as a fortified village within the possessions of Matilda of Canossa.

The original defensive function of the castle is witnessed by some architectural elements that compose it, like the towers, the armory or tanks. However, the complex also had a “civil” value to the community living around, expressed both in the underground ice, both ovens in places close to the woodshed.

In the succession of several owners, the defensive function of the castle was gradually abandoned in favor of the residential one. At the end of the 19th century, the building was in very critical condition and had to be refurbished. It is in this period that we had the battlements and terracotta decorations.

During World War II it was the site of a German commando and a prison and repeatedly bombed. Writings on the walls made by prisoners of war are still present. Another sign of the war is the tunnel dug by locals at the base of the corner tower used as a bomb shelter.

By car: Via di Zena until "Pianoro" 

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