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Palazzo Pallavicini

Via San Felice, 24 - 40122 Bologna (BO)

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The Pallavicini Palace rises in Via San Felice, in the heart of old Bologna, not far from the Two Towers and from Piazza Maggiore. The XV century palace, formerly owned by noble families of Bologna such as the Villa, Volta and Marsili Families, was bought  in 1557 by the Isolani Family, that, according to the historian Guidicini, conferred special dignity to the internal architecture of the palace by exploiting the skills of architects Paolo Canali and Luigi Casali.
In 1681 it was taken over by two brothers, Girolamo and Carl’Antonio Alamandini, who passed by inheritance both the palace and the Croce del Biacco villa in Bologna to their sister Veronica, who was married to Paolo Bolognetti. The property, around the second half of the eighteenth century, passed on from Ferndinando Bolognetti Alamandini to Marshall Gian Luca Pallavicini, Councillor of the Council of state of the Empress of Austria, Maria Teresa and governor-general of Lombardy. The palace halls, that spread over an area of roughly 1800 square meters, are richly frescoed and decorated with amazing stucco ornaments and contain artworks of art by Burrini, Zanotti, Minozzi and Barozzi.
To be also noted is the amazing “Music Hall”, where on 26 of March 1770, the child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who at the time was only 14 years old, played. Five hundred years of history of Pallavicini Palace and two thousand square meters of art and comfort for dwelling and business.

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by car: located in restricted traffic zone ZTL. Ring road exits n. 2-3-4 direction city center.

Palazzo Pallavicini