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Arco del Meloncello

Meloncello Arch

Via Saragozza, 235 - 40134 Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 10/09/2018, 15:48

Arco del Meloncello was erected in 1732 according to a project by Carlo Francesco Dotti and represents the start of the portico leading up to the Sanctuary of San Luca featuring fifteen chapels with paintings depicting the Mysteries of the Rosary.

The archway is made up of an overpass for pilgrims supported by a base with rusticated depressed arches through which the via Saragozza pedestrian and road traffic can circulate undisturbed. The style and morphology of the above loggia recall the portico with which it is connected. The central tribune particularly stands out with its fornix featuring gigantic Ionic order columns sided by pilasters with the same rusticated motif of the base. At the centre of the entabulature, there is the copper emblem of the Monti Bedini family, painted another four times inside the loggia as testimony to the considerable economic investment the family made to build the San Luca portico and Arco del Meloncello in particular. While the first part of the central tribune, which ends with a slightly projecting triangular tympanum, seems to be inspired by Arco Bonaccorsi at the beginning of the portico opposite Porta Saragozza, the above finial with a second curved tympanum supported by giant corbels and crowned by a vase with flame could be a reinterpretation by Francesco Bibiena.

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