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Ponte di Corticella

Via di Corticella - 40100 Bologna (BO)

Date of last update: 14/06/2018, 12:48

The bridge over the Navile Canal in Corticella is already mentioned in documents of the XIII century and the date of construction dates back to 1289. We know from an ancient inscription that the bridge was modified around 1300 and we are not certain that it was built by Vignola. To have a waterway for Corticella was undoubtedly of considerable strategic importance both for the possibility of having an alternative route to roadways, and for commercial traffic. During its long history it witnessed popes and princes, not the least Lucrezia Borgia, who crossed it on 31st January 1502 to reach Ferrara, where she married Alfonso d'Este. A few years later Giovanni II Bentivoglio fled from Bologna travelling right along the Navile Canal. At the end of the XVI century the slow decline began.
The greatest painter in Bologna - Antonio Basoli - depicted the bridge in a beautiful painting, which is kept in the Genus Bononiae Collections.

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Ponte di Corticella