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The best foliage spots in and around Bologna

Updated on 02 November 2023 From Bologna Welcome

Autumn is the season of warm hues, long waits, slow walks among ancient trees and woods, and refreshment spots far from the urban hustle and bustle. Bologna and its surroundings are full of places to experience, not least because of the magic of natural autumn foliage.

Find out where to spot the best autumn foliage in Bologna and surroundings

Park of Villa Ghigi, Bologna

This vast park on the first hillsides south of the historic centre of Bologna is popular all year round, extending over almost 28 hectares with a wealth of fruit trees, cultivated and natural areas. Situated on a hill, it offers a breathtaking view of the city and can be reached by car, bus (tper no. 52) and on foot from Porta San Mamolo.

Regional Park of Lakes Suviana and Brasimone, Camugnano

The artificial lakes of Suviana and Brasimone are located in the Bolognese Apennines, less than 70 km from the city centre. Reachable by car, the lakes and the surrounding natural vegetation are the ideal destination for short or long walks and quick picnics together with your family or friends.

Poranceto-Woodland, Camugnano

The Poranceto wood is a true fairy-tale forest, with specimens of thousand-year-old chestnut trees and abundant fruit, all worth marvelling at in the height of the autumn season. Among its many attractions, the wood is home to the Poranceto Woodland Museum, the park's visitor centre dedicated to the local ecosystem.

Vena del Gesso Park, Riola Terme

Located less than 70 km from the city centre, the park has recently been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its karstic chalk formations. The "Vena del Gesso" is the longest chalk chain in Europe and is characterised by unique caves and tunnels that can be reached on foot or by mountain bike.

Santerno-Valley, Fontanelice

The Santerno is one of the most copious tributaries of the Reno River, originating in the Futa Pass and flowing into Romagna through the Bolognese territory as far as Imola and Castel del Rio. The nature surrounding the most famous bridge crossing the river, Ponte Alidosi, is enriched with various shades of yellow and orange impossible not to take pictures of.

Try cycling to the Santerno Valley on the Santerno Cycle Route!

Water Ecomuseum and Expansion Tank, Dosolo -Sala Bolognese

The Ecomuseum is located in Sala Bolognese, in the heart of the Bolognese lowlands, less than 30 km from the city centre. This area, once marshy, is now a major land reclamation and hydraulic system, with the museum exhibiting and enhancing technical, historical, cultural and environmental water-related aspects. Access to the surrounding trails is permitted freely during the day, both on foot and by bicycle.

Sanctuary of Madonna del Faggio, Alto Reno Terme

The sanctuary owes its name to a legend according to which the Virgin Mary appeared under a large beech tree in the woods where the church  would later be built. It can be reached by car as far as Borgo di Tresana, where we advise proceeding on foot along a path of about 600 metres through thick beech woods.

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