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Simona Scapin, artisan and entrepreneur

Updated on 12 May 2021 From Bologna Welcome

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Simona Scapin, founder of Artigianquality, the last mortadella craft workshop in Bologna.

Simona, tell us about your activity and its impact on the territory 

My workshop started in 2015 with the intention of bringing into the world the artisanal passion for cold cuts making, thus enabling our customers to rediscover the ancient flavours of our territory. My work is accompanied by a constant commitment to making our products more genuine and healthier in the light of a proper nutrition. I only use fresh 100% Italian meat, whilst the special flavour of my products derives from natural herbs and aromas. This enables me to work in full transparency towards my customers while supporting the farmers and breeders of our hills

My expertise is deeply rooted in the lifetime experience of my father Silvio in the field of meat processing, which enabled me to grow and improve while retaining an intimate contact with the tradition, at the same time trying out new methods by adding to our core activities new and challenging opportunities for loyal customers of Artigianquality

Are there any curious anecdotes linked to your activity that have emerged in these last years? 

The most relevant anecdote is all about the misinterpreted information on mortadella production: it is common belief that Bologna teems with mortadella factories, but in fact, there are no other factories in town except mine. 

Mortadella Bologna is produced worldwide but not in Bologna! 

Tomorrow’s Bologna: what do you expect and what do you wish to find? 

Today, there’s a general tendency towards a reverting to basic traditions. I therefore wish our town filled up with young people, as in the past, willing to rediscover ancient crafts and to reopen craft shops thus giving an even more original character to our city. 

What’s your favourite Bolognese word, and why

Altro? (anything else) is by far my favourite vernacular expression, for it means everything and nothing at the same time; when I pronounce it, I always end up with a smile, because its intimate meaning can be fully understood only by us Bolognese. 

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