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Overlogic and electronic music in Bologna

Updated on 20 July 2022 From Bologna Welcome

Exclusevely for Promenade...

Overlogic, an electronic music duo which started outside Bologna

Tell us about your musical project and how the city has welcomed you 

We are Emanuele, drummer, and Francesco, on keyboard and vocals and come from Abruzzo. We found ourselves in this city attracted by the multitude of artistic and cultural openings that definitely supported us at the beginning of our career. This is by no means a given: what is sometimes lacking are confrontational situations, which are crucial for starting any project, and Bologna, like few other cities, is an exception in that it allows lots of artists to come into contact.

Our project has grown a lot thanks to this idea alone, we have met musicians and professionals who are really helping us out, we will never thank them enough.


The Bologna of tomorrow: what do you expect and what would you like to find there?

There are fewer spaces to make art than we expected, sometimes blocked by very long bureaucratic procedures. What we hope for is more flexibility in the sector, especially as regards the transfer of underutilized venues.


Making electronic music in the city. Have you got any interesting stories to tell?

Last summer we played at the Frida in the Park, a beautiful venue in the Parco della Montagnola, very close to Piazza Maggiore. We had such a good reception that we ran out of encores and practically repeated the live show twice. It left us happy and puzzled at the same time.


Favourite places away from the conventional tourist trail

The Locomotiv Club, is a concert hall that has also hosted one of our live shows and many others from the international music scene. It is located in a space called DLF - Dopo Lavoro Ferroviario. As this is therefore a club more of our type, we highly recommend that you stop by!


What's your favourite Bolognese word, and why?

"Balotta" is the word we use the most. There is no specific reason, it is simply the one that sounded best especially in terms of pronunciation as non-natives. It is a word youngsters often use and means "group," so it is used to refer to the circle of friends and acquaintances.

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