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Lyl, young singer-songwriter from Bologna

Updated on 07 January 2022 From Bologna Welcome

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Elisabetta Galetti, aka Lyl, a young singer-songwriter and emerging musician from Bologna, talks about her story. 

Lyl, tell us about your activity and its impact on the territory

I first began playing the guitar when I was about ten years old. In January, I finally got out of the four walls of my room and started playing for Gente, an artist who had already been active on the Bolognese scene for a few years. Then, somewhat for fun, I entered the 2021 edition of Bologna Musica D'Autore, debuting and winning with my solo project named Lyl (I've been called 'Lilli' since I was born). I am currently recording my first album at Fonoprint studios, one of the best recording and mastering studios in Italy. 

Participating in the BMA is just the thing for artists who want to get involved: it's a discreet and non-invasive showcase, very free of pressure, which allows emerging artists to make themselves known to professionals. I like the idea of contributing with my project to the music scene in Bologna, awarded the UNESCO City of Music status in 2006. 

Here, music is very much at home and constantly evolving!  

Are there any curious anecdotes that have emerged from this experience?

Definitely the meeting with Viviane, the girl who performed with me at the BMA. We met only two weeks before the live show at Fonoprint and, after some beers and rehearsal rooms, we became very close in the blink of an eye: we really "found each other"!

Tomorrow's Bologna: what do you expect and what do you wish to find?

As a university student, I am proud that Unibo is the greenest university in Italy, and I hope that the commitment to a more sustainable Bologna, from every point of view, will become increasingly concrete. I believe it is highly desirable to increase the number of spaces such as the recent DUMBO, which, in my opinion, has achieved the perfect mix to succeed and become a much-needed meeting place. Its free events and affordable rates are an incentive for the influx of people, but it is precisely the idea of regenerating urban spaces, in my opinion, that is fundamental  in a development perspective.
Furthermore, I hope that the various film festivals and similar events, such as Il Cinema Ritrovato, Repubblica delle Idee ecc will continue to play a central role, as they contribute to maintaining the cultural humus of this city. 

Your favourite places off the beaten track?

Ah, so many special places; among them Via del Pratello, a second home where I usually spend the evening with friends, and Caffè Rubik, a small café on Via Marsala, next to a historic music bookshop. I always meet up there with a friend of mine to drink a thousand coffees; despite its  slightly 'old' atmosphere, it's always full of young given its proximity to the university area.

Thirdly, the Cinema Lumière with its Cameo bar and its twinkling lights takes you back to an intellectual atmosphere, just like an essay film, and the Montagnola market, where almost all my wardrobe comes from! If you dig through the mountains of clothes on the stalls, you can always find nice things. 

A little less central but very atmospheric is the Battiferro, coming with a charming location on the canal and very interesting evenings.

What's your favourite Bolognese word and why?

I usually make heavy use of vez (old chap) as an interchange to address friends or as a sign of affection-fraternity; of slego, that I actually use improperly, to say that something or someone really rocks or to express happiness when hanging out (a bit like making balotta); and of polleggio instead of "calm down, take it easy" , now adopted as a personal lifestyle.

Pratello is also polleg (easy)!

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