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Imola's top gastronomic products

Updated on 30 April 2020 From IF ImolaFaenza

The lands of Imola are renowned for their fine food and the unique flavours linked to the territory's traditions and people, who support and renew them year after year. Follow this simple itinerary in four stages to savour the true taste of these places.

Our first stop is Palazzo di Varignana, best known for its delicate extra virgin olive oil. Produced from a typical single variety of olive from Romagna, this oil comes with a complex and enveloping flavour that won't fail to impress.

A sweeter experience awaits at the National Honey Observatory in Castel San Pietro Terme, a national organisation that supports the production and trade of honey by improving and protecting its quality while promoting its consumption. It is precisely thanks to the National Honey Observatory that the annual event "Miele e agricoltura in festa" is organised here in September.

Then we move on to wine, something the Enoteca Regionale dell'Emilia-Romagna in Dozza is richly endowed with. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the town's fortress and browse through the underground rooms of the Enoteca. 

Why not round off this short gastronomic journey with a dinner at the two-Michelin-starred Ristorante San Domenico in Imola? In business since 1970, the restaurant was established with the idea of showcasing the cuisine of Italy's aristocratic houses, with great attention paid to traditional flavours. Today the restaurant is a reference point for international cuisine thanks to the passion and the steady commitment of chef Max Mascia.

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