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The Motorvalley: Ferrari edition

Updated on 20 March 2020 From Bologna Welcome

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Mauro Forghieri, engineer and designer of Formula 1 cars, technical director of Scuderia Ferrari from 1962 to 1971 and from 1973 to 1984. Under his leadership, the Prancing Horse won four world drivers' titles. 

Where does our journey in the Motorvalley begin?

In Emilia, there is always a good opportunity to "get wet with oil", as they say in jargon. The history of the motor industry comes from afar and its tradition is important in many places, from Bologna to Imola, up to Reggio Emilia and obviously in Modena, of which I am a big fan. The capacity of the small-volume manufacturers of the territory proved to be increasingly valid with time, since they had already inherited advanced technical knowledge and knowhow. Consider that in this territory, hollow wood screws or ploughshares were built already by working the land, always of the same material.

Why was the Motovalley born here?

I believe it all started thanks to capable and obstinate people, who deeply committed themselves, even in times of great difficulty; we are precisely speaking of those peasants who created the basis for those excellent tools that we inherited and were able to refine. That exceptional technology invented and then perfected with good practice, as happens with everything in life, on the other hand. If there is one thing that has always been taught to us in history, to us "poor" technicians, is that if a product is a good project it is an automatic form of art, it is beautiful. Even the works of the best architects, let's think of Le Corbusier, come from within, from their solid structures and not from the outside.

What are the places of excellence for adrenaline fans?

The Modena Autodrome was established with a different purpose, a landing strip for airplanes, then it became a circuit with the desire to make it the stage for Formula 1, but this did not happen. It still had its Grand Prix, initially known as the Modena Circuit and which was utilised between 1927 and 1961. Its first two editions, on a 12 km road circuit located on the outskirts of Modena, were both won by Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari has been at the forefront of the motors of the past, its success was in the conviction of the company's ideas, like the passion for the 12 cylinders, which transformed it into a real motor nobility. 

The real magic, however, was born in the factory, let us think also of Maserati for example; from there on you can really get passionate about the story behind the company, even those who do not follow the world of engines assiduously.

And for me even only convincing and charming one individual is enough, that already makes me happy.

The Modena Autodrome is in Strada Pomposiana 255/A and was established in 2011. 2 km long, with 11 curves and 12 metres of constant width, its primary mission is to open up new ways of conceiving mobility, by promoting non-motor events, such as cycling, running, handbike, eco marathons of zero emission vehicles and courses of green drive.

The Ferrari Museums, in Maranello and Modena, are the testimony of the story becoming a legend that unfolds in two complementary museum spaces, which each year welcome almost five hundred thousand visitors. The Museums dedicated to the founder and Motors have been set up in a futuristic facility that surrounds the house in Modena where Enzo Ferrari was born. In Maranello, the Ferrari Museum provides everyone with a first-hand experience of the Prancing Horse dream through exhibitions of the most famous road and racing models as well as by entering the F1 world thanks to the extraordinary experiences provided by simulators.

Special events to mark on the agenda?

In Imola, at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Autodrome, there is a very interesting market exhibition, the Exchange Exhibition dedicated to cars and motorcycles, for enthusiasts of the sector and not only, where it is possible to buy spare parts and vintage spare parts. But then you will have to assemble them and that will be the real effort!

It is an event that occupies a leading role in the national and international scene and the next one will already mark the 45th edition.

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