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10 places in nature you should not miss

Updated on 05 March 2020 From Bologna Welcome

Many unique green areas are concealed within Bologna and its surroundings, ranging from mountain landscapes, relaxing parks and gardens, cycle paths and hiking trails for outdoor training. Here are 10 beautiful places where you can immerse and restore yourself in nature.  

You can stretch out on the grass of the city parks, particularly in the Park of Villa Ghigi or inside the Giardini Margherita, the city’s largest and most visited park. Or you may opt for getting out of the town, in search of the wonderful Oasi La Rizza, a protected natural area within the Bentivoglio paddy since the 90s. Conversely, should you prefer the Apennines, you are offered the chance to explore the Monte Sole Historical Park, known for the massacre that took place here in 1944 by Nazi Troops, or to discover the Corno alle Scale and its popular ski resort.

The Bologna territory is also full of spectacular hiking and biking paths. In the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, manifold journeys between nature and history are yours to unveil, such as the Via Degli Dei and the Via della Lana e Della Seta, whereas, on your way back to Bologna, you can relax on your bike along the Navile cycling track.

Last but not least, architectural gems such as the Rocchetta Mattei and the town of Dozza, with its famous biennial painted wall festival, are worth mentioning. The former was built by the Count Cesare Mattei during the 19th century on a pre-existing medieval complex belonging to Matilda of Tuscany.

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