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Associazione Amici delle Vie d'Acqua e dei Sotterranei di Bologna

Via D'Azeglio 58 – 40123 Bologna (BO)

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The Association has as its exclusive goals the promotion and development of knowledge of hydraulic history, of underground areas and hidden beauties of the city of Bologna and its surroundings, the recovery, re-use and enhancing of inland waterways with a special interest in the "canale di Reno" and the "canale Navile". It focuses on networking and collaborating with institutions, the University, organizations, public and private boards active in the sectors of historic research, archaeology, the recovery and boosting of inland waterways, underground sites, of tourist and environmental development, of  the Pizzardi Watermill and the "Palazzo Rosso" in the Bentivoglio area. It also carries out studies and edits publications, historic and cartographic documents. Through exploration, mapping, archive research and exhibitions, it highlights the huge underground network of the numerous still extant air-raid shelters from WW2. It organizes and promotes displays and any events, such as sightseeing, conferences, seminars, cultural meetings, shows, meetings, exhibitions, charity, all aimed at a better dissemination of the knowledge, origin and evolution of inland waterways, air-raid shelters and of all other underground hydraulic, civil, military, religious sites.

by bus: lines and timetables on the website www.tper.it

by car: ring road exit  n.11/11bis-12 direction city center

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Associazione Amici delle Vie d'Acqua e dei Sotterranei di Bologna

Associazione Amici delle Vie d'Acqua e dei sotterranei di Bologna