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Tourist tax in Bologna

Tourist Tax in the Municipality of Bologna

Those spending the night in Bologna in accommodation facilities who do not reside in the municipality are required to settle a small fee for their stay, which varies according to the price ranges (net of VAT and additional services) relative to the cost per person of the room.

1. range 1 - 30,99: €  3,00 € p/person per night;
2. range 31 - 70,99 €: 4,20 € p/person per night;
3. range 71 - 120,99 €: 4,60 € p/person per night;
4. range 121€ and superior: 5,00 € p/person per night;
5. campings and hostels: fixed rate 2,00 € p/person per night:


The tax shall not apply to:

  • residents in the Municipality of Bologna
  • minors under 14 years of age
  • university students regularly enrolled at the University of Bologna if housed in student residences
  • severely disabled persons whose disability condition is certified pursuant to art. 3 paragraph 3 of law no. 104/92 and similar provisions of the countries of origin for foreign citizens and their carer.

The Municipality of Bologna, in compliance with legislative indications, will allocate the proceeds of the tourism tax to projects aimed at promoting the local tourism system.

Upon departure, guests of accommodation facilities shall pay the tax to the manager, who is then required to account for and remit the proceeds to the municipality.

More information on the website of the Municipality ofBologna (Italian only)

Tourist tax in other municipalities within Greater Bologna

Check rates with the lodging facility you will be staying at:


  • Castenaso
  • Pieve di Cento
  • Bentivoglio
  • Castel Maggiore
  • Granarolo dell'Emilia
  • Ozzano dell'Emilia (from april 1st 2024)
  • San Giovanni in Persiceto (from october 1st 2023)
  • San Lazzaro di Savena


  • Alto Reno Terme
  • Zola Predosa (dal 1° luglio 2023)

Imola area

  • Imola
  • Castel San Pietro Terme



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