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Tourist tax in Bologna

Tourist tax in Bologna

Those who will stay overnight in any accommodation facility and who are not resident in the city have to pay an extra small amount of money for the overnight stay.
The tax varies according to the following price ranges related to the room price per person per night (exclusive of VAT and supplementary services). The rates in force from 1st January 2019 are the following:

· Price Range 1 -70.99 €, rate 3.00 € per person per night
· Price Range 71-120.99 €, rate 4.00 € per person per night
· Price Range over 121 €, rate 5.00 € per person per night
· Camping sites and hostels, rate 1.50 € per person per night

Children under 14 are tax-free.

In observance of the law, the Municipality of Bologna will earmark the revenue of the tourist tax for projects aimed at promoting the local tourist system.
When checking out, the guests of any accommodation facility will have to pay the tax to the accommodation manager that will have to present a financial report and transfer the tax revenue to the Municipality.

Those who refuse to pay the tax will be requested to fill, sign and give back a specific form to the accommodation manager that will forward it to the Municipality for further controls with the purpose of recovering the unpaid rate; those who will refuse to fill the above-mentioned form will be liable to the administrative fine provided for by article 4, paragraph 2 of the regulations of the Tourist tax in the City of Bologna.



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