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www.bolognawelcome.it is the official website of the Bologna-Modena Tourist Territory, managed by the Bologna Welcome Foundation.

The Bologna Welcome Foundation is a fully public-partnership organisation founded by the Municipality of Bologna, the Metropolitan City and the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna.

Its mission is to promote and enhance the attractiveness of the metropolitan area of Bologna and the Bologna-Modena Tourism Area in the fields of culture, tourism, sports, while encouraging investment, talent, and high professionalism, in order to foster its economic and social development. The Foundation works to create a favourable ecosystem for the promotion and attraction of investments and for the development of projects, services and initiatives that promote the enhancement of culture and sport as tourism resources of the territory. The Foundation is committed to implementing innovative projects, collaborating with local, national and international institutions, as well as with businesses and associations in the area, with a view to achieving the objectives of promoting and developing tourism. The Foundation is also engaged in pursuing issues of environmental sustainability and non-discrimination, seeking to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and promoting initiatives and projects that improve the quality of life of the local community.

The information points managed by the Bologna Welcome Foundation provide tourist information and reception, as well as incoming services and are located in Piazza Maggiore and in the Exhibition Centre during the most important events.

These are complemented by the eXtraBO point of Piazza del Nettuno, and the dedicated web portal www.extrabo.com, specifically intended for outdoor tourism in the Bologna area, where tourists can discover itineraries and travel proposals in the Apennines, the Flatlands and the Imola area. 

Tourists and citizens can visit these information points to receive tourist information on the territory, exhibitions, museums and events and access booking services, organisation of tours and guided visits, railway ticketing, pre-sales for events and purchase of branded gadgets. The Bologna Welcome Foundation welcomes visitors while also serving local and international operators by offering tailor-made solutions to meet different needs. 

The tourism portal www.bolognawelcome.it is the online hub enabling the Bologna Welcome Foundation to promote Bologna as a destination through information services (on events, themed tourist routes, shopping and leisure, food and wine, etc.), hospitality and hotel bookings.

www.bolognawelcome.it is the beating heart of the circuit of websites dedicated to the attractions managed by the Bologna Welcome Foundation: www.palazzoreenzo.com, www.duetorribologna.com and paladozza.org.



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